Saturday, September 29, 2012

A non-update update

Still feel like crap.

Still tired of feeling like crap.

Still feel like this isn't fair.

Still want a break.  Seriously, nobody wants to trade for a few days? 

Still no date for team-training (even though I know they are working really really hard to pin down a date, and we now *think* it may be in November... I still wish I could get my countdown chain back up).

Migraine is still lurking in the background, as long as I take it easy, eat regularly throughout the day, and remember to take my meds and stay hydrated, it isn't bad.  But if I do one thing - one teeny tiny inconsequential thing - wrong, it's back with a vengeance.

For the third Saturday in a row, I went to a local therapeutic riding stable to volunteer.  I love it.  It combines the two things I am unbelievably passionate about: horses and kids with special needs.  But...  we have had horrible air quality problems in Spokane this month and my inhaler is all used up (I was desperately sucking on it today, hoping there was some residual medication in it) and even though I have begged my doctor to refill the now two-year-old prescription, no luck as of right now.  So I inhaled dust and dirt for an hour without my inhaler and my migraine is back.  Ugh.

I said something to somebody I know this week about having trouble breathing, and they were like "You're asthmatic?"  Ha.  I totally even forget about half of the things I live with most of the time, they take a backseat until it's one o'clock in the morning and I can't sleep and I'm wheezing in bed.  So yeah, still an asthmatic.  I have a whole host of sinus crap going on right now, but none of it is anything the doctors think they can treat (I beg to differ because I think a tonsilectomy would go a long way to improving my quality of life, and I plan to argue this point for the third time when I see my ENT in December... but I digress).

When there's something like Tourette's in your life that takes everything it can get it's grubby paws on and then some, anything else in addition to it is an unnecessary drain.  And having doctors tell you that they can fix something but don't feel like you are severe enough to warrant surgery is frustrating.  If all I had to deal with was asthma and unrelated sinus/breathing problems, I'd deal.  But when it's in addition to everything else...

Also, my eyes and one of my molars have a pulse.  Interesting, no?

I started researching this week ringing in the ears (tinnitus) and came across this phrase: cutaneous allodynia.  Basically, having pain where you shouldn't.  My ears have been ringing this whole migraine (not continuously, but often enough) and apparently it is a form of cutaneous allodynia.  I'm no stranger to the weird things migraines do (please tell me how it is possible to have the ends of your hair hurt...) but this ringing ear thing is new, and annoying.  Coupled with the usual pain in my teeth, pain behind my eyes, and other things that this migraine has brought (extreme nausea, dizziness), I'm sooo ready for it to be over.

September sucked.  Everybody say a little prayer that with the start of October this migraine decides to go.

(Oh, and Quincy is doing well.  He's learning all of his tasks and working hard.  I haven't learned anything new about him.)

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