Thursday, December 27, 2012

Team Training Recap

The day before team training started I promised to the "internet world" that I would be blogging every day of team training.  I would post photos and share what we did that day.

I have a new promise now.  I promise, to myself, to never again promise to blog for 12 days straight again.  Wow.

I know I will appreciate having this blogged in the future to look back on, and I like to comfort myself in the fact that somebody internet searching "team training Heeling Allies" might find my blog and enjoy reading about my experience.  But I'm done with the daily blogging for a while.

Here is the result of my late-night blogging; in case anybody is interested in having all of these in one place.  I'll pretend like somebody would like having all of these in one place.  Otherwise I just spent every night for the past 12 days blogging for no reason.  I'll pretend like there is a reason.

Day 1: Darcie and Owen are here!

Day 2: Now the Real Training Begins

Day 3: Sit... No... Sit... Good Sit.

Day 4: Classrooms and shopping and giant dogs, oh my!

Day 5: In which we practice more tasks...

Day 6: My Shadow

Day 7: Hi ho... Hi ho... It's off to work we go. 

Day 8: Let's go to the mall! 

Day 9: busy busy busy

Day 10: Surprise!

Day 11: The End

Day 12: On our own now...

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