Sunday, December 9, 2012


I don't know if this will be interesting to anybody else, but these are my questions I do not want to forget to ask when Darcie is here.  And yes, I know she is here for 12 days and I will have plenty of time to ask everything, but with the way my brain has been acting, it's best if I write everything down.

What can I do to work my bond with Owen as we are traveling during the holidays?

Where do you recommend sitting on an airplane?  What can we do to make our first flight smooth?

Where should Owen stay if I am at the gym with him?

What do I do with his harness if we are going to be somewhere a long time?   A movie?  An airplane?  A long car trip (a short one)?

How is his off leash recall?

How long is he okay to sit in class with me without needing a break?  (I have a 3-hour class next semester.  At night.  Ugh.)

Is there a favorite treat?  Favorite toy?

Things Owen really doesn't like?  Foods or treats he can't tolerate?

When do we need to do our first vet appointment? 

What kind of maintenance do I need to do for his harness?  What happens if it breaks?  Should I have a back-up vest?

Is there something I need to do for Owen when he has to walk on the snow?  Musher's wax?  Boots?  Nothing?  (Because, yeah.  It snowed today.  This Texas girl was not happy.)

What does Owen look like/do when he doesn't feel well?

Does he have a signal he does when he has to potty?

Everything else I think will be discussed during training without me having to worry about it now (like his tasks/commands, daily routine, etc.).  I have no doubt I will have more questions as time goes on, but right now this is all I can come up with.  Can anybody else think of anything I should ask?

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