Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hi ho... Hi ho... It's off to work we go.

Today Owen and I went to work.  I teach Sunday School and today was our holiday party right before the winter break.  It was probably a good week for Owen to come for the first time; we had about a third of the kids we normally do (the roads were really snowy this morning and it's highly likely a lot of families already left for vacation) and we were doing center-based learning so we ended up only getting two groups of students (instead of the usual four).  Owen and I had a lot of downtime at work, and got to do some deep pressure tasks after cleaning up our center before rejoining the rest of the kids.  I also introduced Owen to the kids who were at school today and we went over the rules for Owen (don't talk to him or pet him when his harness is on because that means he is working).

Owen was spectacular, he slept on his mat the whole time I was with kids and tagged along with me when we were done with centers.  I have to admit though; most of the time I prefer having my kids in the classroom to doing center-based learning days.  I am excited to have Owen in my classroom with me at Sunday School where we can take things at our own pace (which is slow because I teach the little ones) and where I can work with Owen to be with me at work and help me, instead of putting him in a down-stay in the corner because I don't trust him not to get trampled - which he almost did until Darcie moved him!  Yikes!

On our way home, Owen and I had to run a quick errand (picking up stamps - which unfortunately, I still need more... but I digress).  He was a rock star in the store, and we were able to accomplish the task quickly without me feeling like it would be quicker without him (which is what I was feeling at the start of the week about some errands).

doing and "over" for me
We got home, and unfortunately I had to get some work done.  I didn't get nearly enough done (there were too many snuggles with Owen), but it was a start.  Owen and I got lots of good snuggles in today; he did an over with me this afternoon and it was fantastic.  I am loving the deep pressure tasks, and I think I will love them even more when this cold goes away and I can actually breathe.  Owen is such a sweetheart, he tries to give lots of kisses during his tasks, but he will always give kisses when you tell him "all done".  He also is the master of the sad-puppy-dog-eyes that he tried to employ last night when he decided he wanted to sleep in bed with me instead of on his own bed.  Whoops!  That was my fault because I let him up on the couch earlier in the day which blurred the lines of where he is and is not allowed.  He is allowed on surfaces, just only when I say so.  Which is not right now.  Our "pack" needs to be more clearly defined before he can do that, and as I discovered last night, Owen can be very stubborn and tenacious when he wants to be.

Toby almost played with Owen today; he was racing back and forth in the apartment and hiding in his cat furniture while Owen looked on.  Then Owen would get up, perk his ears, and trot over to where Toby is.  Toby would stop playing for a while and look unsure.  And then repeat.  They were so close to playing that they both got fired up so Owen started furiously chewing on a bone and Toby came over to attack me.  Oy.  They need to figure out how to play together soon.  Afterwards this is what we did for the rest of the night.

Work.  What work?

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