Thursday, December 6, 2012

Four days to go!

My thoughts are all jumbled up as I am in the final week before team training starts.  I'm excited, nervous, super busy at school, not sleeping... You get the drift.

Funny enough, right now I'm trying to bring myself back down to reality.  For one event I have imagined over and over again.  When I get to meet Owen.

I have been excited for this dog to come into my life for over a year; he doesn't even know who I am.  In my imaginary universe he sees me and is over-joyed (and I know this because he does the excited-Labrador-wiggle with his whole body). In fact, he is so excited that he needs to be reminded to be serious, because he is a service dog after all.  Immediately we are best friends and our bond is unbreakable...

In reality?

I will likely be the one wiggling all over with my whole body doing the excited-Tourette's-spaz-attack.  I will be the one who needs to be reminded to calm down and be serious for a minute. 

Let's play a game.  Let me know in the comments if you think:

     (1) I will have a huge Tourette's-attack, likely combined with an anxiety attack.
     (2) I will have a meltdown and start crying.
     (3) I will act like a normal, rational, human being who is in control of their
          emotions (ha!).

It's hard for me to picture this dog who I have been waiting for, dreaming about, imagining my new life with him, not knowing who I am.  He doesn't know me from anybody else on the street.  To me, he is already my whole life.  But to him, I'm nothing.

I did get an email this morning from Darcie (yay!) that said she was excited about training and that Owen is ready to "belong to somebody".  Service dogs are used to moving around a lot during training and working with different people, so I hope for Owen this transition is easy and our bond can form quickly.

Things I have to do this weekend?

Finish my research paper, bathe the cat, and clean the apartment. 


And sleep. :)


  1. My vote is "all of the above"! Can't wait to hear all about it and see the pictures!

    1. Ha! I'm pretty sure the options are mutually exclusive (at least 1/2 & 3... but I forget what that is called).

  2. I too imagined Ben jumping into my arms and saying this is MY PERSON and I love you. Well not saying but you get the idea...oh and I did number 2. lol And my version of numer 1 which was have an anxiety attack and immediately freak. It's an adjustment. Oh also, even with the whole drama today with the access problems I would take Ben 100xs over any problems I could ever, ever, have and I know you probably already feel the same way about Owen. I can't wait to see your first picture together.
    <3 -Kate

    1. Spoiler alert, pretty sure I'm going to cry. Seeing as I'm crying now just thinking about it... :) I'm going to make sure to get a lot of photos!

      I'm glad to hear that about Ben, sucky situation but you sound like you're making the most of it! I know we'll run into it too, but I hope we at least get a few months under our belt first.