Saturday, February 25, 2012

Snow snow go away...

I stayed home from student teaching Friday with a migraine and two useless arms.  The pinched nerve in my neck that affects my left arm is something I have lived with off and on for 4 years.  I injured it a long time ago horseback riding and ticcing has not helped it at all.  My chiropractor managed to fix it and as long as I don't have too many sustained tic attacks in my neck, I don't typically re-injure it.  On my last break from school I had to go to the dentist (something I hate) and I ended up pinching the nerve pretty severely.  It's a lot better now, but it's still not perfect.  This week I called in sick to work Thursday after student teaching all day because my migraine was getting progressively worse and then ended up pinching a nerve in my neck on the right side that night.  A day of rest and ice and ibuprofen seems to have helped, though it isn't 100% yet.

And today it's snowing.  A lot.  I hate the snow and avoid going out in at at all costs.  So Toby and I have been shut in the apartment since Friday morning (with the exception of having to take a teacher competency exam this morning).  I've been crafting and Toby has been stealing yarn and pretzels and watching the snow.

Here's a preview of two of the yarn necklaces I made this weekend that will be for sale in my Etsy store; they are made out of hand-dyed, hand-spun yarn.  I did the spinning, not the dying though.  That's a skill I don't possess yet.   I'm planning to make a few more in various colors.

Look!  I want to go play...

Finally content with just watching snowflakes.

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