Friday, March 22, 2013

In Limbo

Right now... I'm in limbo.

And I hate feeling this way.  I hate feeling like I'm just waiting for something to happen.  But the truth?

I am waiting.

I am waiting to be finished with school.  I know I made the right choice to start grad school directly after undergrad.  I never would have wanted to go back to school once I started working.  And last semester I was okay with this choice.  But this semester?  I am going stir crazy and I'm bored.  I just want to be out and working and not stressing about money every other day (because as little as I will make my first year as a teacher, I will be rich compared to my standards now).

I'm tired of being in undergrad level classes to fulfill requirements for the program.  And it might be one thing if we were actually learning novel things, but we're relearning the same things we've been taught for four years in school...  I love the program I am in and my professors, but I'm ready to be doing and learning something new.

I'm tired of working for very little pay; it's considerably better than student teaching all last year and then having to work two part time jobs on the side, but not that much better.

I'm tired of waiting to hear from school districts...  I want to have a job and know I have a job.  Or at least that I may have a job and somebody is interested in me.

So, this is why you haven't seen many blog posts lately.  I don't really have much to write about.  Our day to day life is pretty boring right now.

In one week (yikes!) Owen and I have a [very very] early morning flight to Texas.  It will be the first time we have a layover during travel, but we have two-and-a-half hours in Denver which (experience service dog handlers have assured me) is enough time to leave the secure area, take Owen potty and let him chill out for a bit, and go back through security.  Luckily, my dad hooked us up - we are upgraded on all legs of the flight, which means Owen and I will be traveling in style. :)

The plan once we are in Houston is to meet with as many elementary school principals as possible (I'm busy applying for jobs today and checking that my applications are all complete).  I am also considering the possibility of working in private schools or as a behaviorist in other programs; while I prefer to work as a public elementary school teacher, I know the importance of keeping my our options open.

While we are in Texas we also get to meet up with a really good friend who recently moved there who hasn't gotten to meet Owen yet!  I am very excited to get to see her and catch up and have her meet my hero.

We will keep you updated as we start traveling to Texas and (hopefully) meet with people about potential jobs.  Wish us luck!

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